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Yellow Crane Consulting, Inc.

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corporate citizenship

Yellow Crane Consulting is committed to giving back to the community in which we live and thrive.

We encourage our employees to be good corporate citizens by matching their contributions.

Some of the organizations that we support include American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Arthritis Foundation and International Crane Foundation.

YCC has committed giving back a portion of all profits to the advancement of research and saving our environment.


As you grow your business and accumulate huge amounts of data and large number of servers and load balancers, your systems need to be audited to ensure that the environment can still sustain your rapid growth.  

Just like your automobile, regularly scheduled maintenance of your systems can stretch your ROI.

To ensure smooth functioning of your system, our domain experts and DBA’s help analyze and resolve any issues related to hardware sizing, architecture, configuration, edge system connectivity, load balancer settings, database analysis, archival policies and much more.

Based on the extent of audit requested by the client, we assign a team of experts that typically includes a DBA, hardware specialist, functional analyst, business analyst and technical analyst.

The team carries tools to analyze complete environment starting from analysis of the hardware sizing to ensure your hardware is keeping pace with your business growth; followed by environment architecture, integration points, database connectivity, configuration of various components like load balancers and firewall, and then continuing the analysis of installed software.

scheduled maintenance